when did season 7 of fortnite start

When Did Season 7 Of Fortnite Start?: Start Date Revealed

Did you know that Fortnite Season 7 had an impressive duration of 83 days? It all began on December 6th, 2018, and lasted until February 27th, 2019. During this period, players were treated to an immersive winter and Christmas-themed experience like never before. From new locations to exciting battle pass rewards, Season 7 of Fortnite had it all.

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Key Takeaways: When Did Season 7 Of Fortnite Start?

  • Fortnite Season 7 started on December 6th, 2018, and ended on February 27th, 2019.
  • The season’s theme revolved around winter and Christmas, adding a festive touch to the game.
  • New locations, including Frosty Flights, Happy Hamlet, Polar Peak, and The Block, were introduced in Season 7.
  • The Battle Pass offered a range of exciting rewards such as unique skins and other cosmetic items.
  • The start event for Season 7 featured a playable solo experience and a captivating storyline centered around an alien invasion.

New Locations and Map Changes

In Fortnite Season 7, players were greeted with several exciting new locations and map changes. These additions brought fresh gameplay opportunities and expanded the Fortnite universe. Here are the notable updates:

Frosty Flights

Frosty Flights became a popular drop spot for players seeking intense battles and valuable loot. Situated in the northwest corner of the map, this military base was owned by Expedition, a faction commanded by Sgt. Winter. Brave the wintry skies and claim victory in this action-packed location.

Happy Hamlet

Delightful and charming, Happy Hamlet welcomed players to a cozy town nestled in the snowy biome. It provided a peaceful setting amidst the chaos of the battleground. Explore the streets and buildings of this quaint location while strategizing your survival.

Polar Peak

Polar Peak, a majestic ice mountain, was a sight to behold. Its icy structures and hidden secrets added excitement to the game. Venture through the castle buried in snow and discover what lies within its frozen walls. The journey may lead to valuable rewards and thrilling encounters.

The Block

The Block location
When Did Season 7 Of Fortnite Start?

The Block provided a unique space where players’ creativity knew no bounds. It was a dedicated area for players to design their own maps and share their creations with the Fortnite community. Step into this realm of imagination and explore the diverse landscapes crafted by talented players.

Aside from the new locations, Fortnite Season 7 introduced various map changes throughout its duration. These updates enhanced the gameplay experience and brought dynamic elements to the ever-evolving battlefield. Some notable changes included:

  • Addition of ziplines, allowing players to traverse the map with speed and flexibility.
  • Expedition Outposts appearing across the island, offering resources and challenges to brave adventurers.
  • Melting of the Polar Peak dungeon, revealing hidden areas and creating new strategic opportunities.

These changes ensured that every match on the Fortnite map was filled with surprises and strategic possibilities. Adapt to the evolving landscape and dominate your opponents in Season 7.

Battle Pass and Rewards

Season 7 of Fortnite introduced an exciting Battle Pass that offered players a plethora of new skins and cosmetic items. By purchasing the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks, players could unlock a wide range of exclusive rewards to customize their in-game experience.

Some of the standout Battle Pass skins included Zenith, Lynx, Sgt. Winter, Ginger Gunner, Merry Marauder, and The Ice King. These unique character skins allowed players to stand out on the battlefield and showcase their individual style.

Additionally, the Battle Pass rewarded players with more than just skins. Throughout the season, players could earn various emotes, sprays, and banners to personalize their Fortnite experience. Whether it was striking a victory pose, leaving a colorful mark with a spray, or displaying a banner with pride, the Battle Pass offered a diverse range of rewards for players to unlock.

For those who chose not to purchase the Battle Pass, there were still free tiers available, offering a selection of rewards. These free tiers allowed all players to participate in the seasonal fun and earn enticing items to enhance their gameplay experience.

Whether you decided to invest in the Battle Pass or enjoy the free tiers, Season 7 of Fortnite provided ample opportunities for players to express themselves and reap the rewards of their efforts. Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock exclusive items and make your mark on the Fortnite battlefield!

Season 7 Start Event

Fortnite Season 7 kicked off with an immersive and thrilling start event known as the Zero Point Finale. This remarkable event marked a departure from the usual in-game live events that precede the start of a new season. Players were treated to a captivating solo experience that set the stage for the adventures that awaited them in Season 7.

The start event for Season 7 had a captivating storyline focused on an alien invasion. Players were plunged into a world where extraterrestrial forces threatened to reshape the island. It was an exciting and action-packed introduction to the new season, leaving players eagerly anticipating what was to come.

fortnite season 7 start event
When Did Season 7 Of Fortnite Start?

Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, further built anticipation for Season 7 by releasing a captivating Season 7 Story Trailer. This trailer offered a glimpse into the epic battles, stunning landscapes, and intriguing characters that players would encounter throughout the season. It was a tantalizing preview that left the Fortnite community buzzing with excitement.

The Season 7 Story Trailer premiered on Epic Games’ YouTube channel on June 8th at 2 AM ET. This highly anticipated release garnered millions of views within hours, as fans immersed themselves in the captivating visuals and thrilling narrative that awaited them in Season 7.

Conclusion: When Did Season 7 Of Fortnite Start?

So, When Did Season 7 Of Fortnite Start? Fortnite Season 7 introduced a captivating winter and Christmas-themed update to the game, delighting players with a fresh and festive experience. The addition of new locations like Frosty Flights, Happy Hamlet, Polar Peak, and The Block brought exciting new landscapes to explore and engage with. With the Battle Pass, players had the opportunity to unlock a wide array of unique skins and rewards, allowing for personalization and self-expression within the game.

The season started with an immersive solo experience, the Zero Point Finale, which served as a departure from the traditional live in-game events. This event set the stage for an exhilarating storyline centered around an alien invasion, adding an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the gameplay.

Fortnite Season 7 was a highly anticipated update among players, offering new content, challenging missions, and thrilling gameplay opportunities. Whether it was conquering new locations, collecting coveted rewards, or uncovering the secrets of the alien invasion, Season 7 provided endless hours of fun and excitement for Fortnite enthusiasts around the world.

FAQ: When Did Season 7 Of Fortnite Start?

When did Season 7 of Fortnite start?

Season 7 of Fortnite started on December 6th, 2018.

What was the theme of Season 7?

The theme of Season 7 revolved around winter and Christmas.

What new locations were introduced in Season 7?

Season 7 introduced several new locations on the Fortnite map, including Frosty Flights, Happy Hamlet, Polar Peak, and The Block.

What was the starting event for Season 7?

Season 7 started with a playable solo experience called the Zero Point Finale, featuring a storyline focused on an alien invasion.

What rewards were included in the Season 7 Battle Pass?

The Season 7 Battle Pass offered a variety of skins and cosmetic items, including Zenith, Lynx, Sgt. Winter, Ginger Gunner, Merry Marauder, and The Ice King.

Were there any free tiers available for players?

Yes, free tiers were available to all players who did not purchase the Battle Pass, offering rewards such as sprays, emotes, and banners.

What updates did the Fortnite map undergo in Season 7?

The map underwent updates throughout Season 7, including the addition of ziplines, Expedition Outposts, and the melting of the Polar Peak dungeon.

When did Season 7 end?

Season 7 lasted for 83 days, ending on February 27th, 2019.

What was the slogan for Season 7?

The slogan for Season 7 was “You Better Watch Out.”

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