games coming to oculus quest 2

Games Coming to Oculus Quest 2

Quest 2 Bonanza: Games Coming to Oculus Quest 2

Get ready for an exciting lineup of games coming to Oculus Quest 2. Explore a wide range of thrilling experiences and immersive adventures on the popular virtual reality platform.

Key Takeaway:

  • Oculus Quest 2 is going to have a wide range of games in its catalog, including action-adventure, roguelike shooter, first-person combat, horror action-adventure, puzzle adventure, simulation, action/shooter, and adventure games from top publishers like nDreams, JoyWay, VertigoGames, Tender Claws, Schell Games, FuturLab, Ubisoft, and Rockstar Games.
  • The release dates for these games are expected to be TBA, Q2 2023, Autumn 2023, Summer 2023, and others. Oculus Quest 2 game lovers should keep an eye out for these dates to get their hands on the newest and most exciting games.
  • With its high-quality graphics, advanced controllers, and standalone VR capabilities, Oculus Quest 2 is the perfect platform for gaming enthusiasts who want to experience the most immersive and engaging gameplay from the convenience of their homes.

Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord

As an avid gaming enthusiast, I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest addition to the Oculus Quest 2 library – Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord. This upcoming action-adventure game by nDreams promises to be a spine-tingling experience, as players take on the role of Ghostbusters to save New York from paranormal threats. Although the expected release date is still to be announced, fans of the iconic franchise are eagerly anticipating this addition to the Oculus Quest 2 roster. Join me as we take a closer look at what we know about the highly-anticipated Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord game.

Game type: Action-adventure

Action-adventure games integrate both action and adventure elements to create a unique gaming experience. These games involve physically demanding activities such as fighting enemies, while also providing engaging storylines that require players to solve puzzles and make choices.

Game type: Action-adventure typically requires precise motor skills and strategic thinking to progress through levels successfully. Some upcoming action-adventure games include Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord by nDreams, Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR by Ubisoft, and Stranger Things VR by Tender Claws.

In these games, players will find themselves immersed in complex worlds with narrative-driven gameplay. The storylines incorporate exploration into game mechanics with challenges requiring strategic planning or puzzle-solving skills. For instance, in Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR, players assume a unique role within an open-world environment where they’ll navigate between quests, collectibles, and character progression systems among other game features for them to navigate.

There are incredible opportunities for gaming enthusiasts in the future of game type: action-adventure! Fans can expect thrilling new releases like PowerWash Simulator VR by FuturLab that allow players to live vicariously through virtual characters to complete specific tasks or Bulletstorm by People Can Fly that incorporates lightning-fast shooting mechanics as players dive into hordes of dangerous enemies.

As an experienced gamer seeking multiple ways for immersive experiences with a challenge-rich environment- taking on new titles like Dead Hook or Hellsweeper VR could provide the perfect outlet for your gaming aspirations.

Not to be confused with nightmares, Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord is set to haunt your Oculus Quest 2 soon thanks to nDreams.

Games Coming to Oculus Quest 2
Games Coming to Oculus Quest 2

Publisher: nDreams

nDreams is a publisher known for their focus on developing quality virtual reality games. They have a reputation for unique and immersive gaming experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible in VR. One of their upcoming releases is the highly anticipated action-adventure title, Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord.

This game promises to be an exciting addition to nDreams’ portfolio, combining familiar characters with new gameplay mechanics for a fresh and engaging experience. Known for their attention to detail, nDreams has created a world that immerses players in the Ghostbusters universe like never before.

While nDreams has not released an expected release date for Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord yet, fans eagerly await any news regarding this much-anticipated title. Don’t miss out on what promises to be one of nDreams’ biggest successes yet.

Call-to-Action: Keep your eyes peeled for more information on Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord and other upcoming releases from publisher ndreams – you won’t want to miss out on the exciting games they have in store!

Can’t wait for these games to release, just like my tax returns with the expected release date of TBA.

Expected release date: TBA

Several VR games are anticipated to be released soon, however, the dates are not yet announced. Games including Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord by nDreams, Arizona Sunshine by Vertigo Games, PowerWash Simulator VR by FuturLab is expected to have a release date: TBA. Other titles like Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR by Ubisoft and GTA San Andreas VR by Rockstar Games also do not have an official launch date.

It is apparent that several VR games are slated to be released in the near future, but their anticipated release dates remain unknown. These titles include Dead Hook by JoyWay Ltd, Hellsweeper VR by VertigoGames and I expect you to die 3 Schell Games.

Fans eagerly await these upcoming games listed above as they come with varying themes such as action-adventure, shooter game, puzzle adventure and simulation among others.

However, it can be difficult for fans to wait for delayed release announcements; this was seen recently with the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 which ended up having multiple delays. It remains unclear when these titles will be available to play, leaving fans’ excitement tempered until further words from the publishers on expected release dates: tba.

Prepare to die, respawn, and die again in Dead Hook – the perfect game for fans of roguelike shooters and masochism.

Games Coming to Oculus Quest 2
Games Coming to Oculus Quest 2

Dead Hook

As an avid gamer and VR enthusiast, I can’t wait to see what new games are coming to the Oculus Quest 2. One game that’s caught my attention is the upcoming roguelike shooter from JoyWay Ltd, known as Dead Hook. I can’t wait to dive into this genre-blending title and experience the unique blend of roguelike mechanics and first-person shooting action. According to sources, Dead Hook is expected to release on 29 June 2023, giving gamers plenty of time to anticipate its arrival and speculate about what kind of challenges and features the game will offer.

Game type: Roguelike shooter

Roguelike shooter games are action-based, procedurally generated games where players have to make quick decisions and fight their way through a series of levels to succeed. In these games, the amount of ammunition and resources is limited, making each encounter more intense. The gameplay mechanics in roguelike shooter games tend to encourage experimentation and risk-taking as death means starting over from the beginning. Some popular examples of roguelike shooters include Dead Cells and Hades.

In a roguelike shooter game, the player character must navigate through levels filled with enemies while collecting weapons and powerups to help them progress. The level designs in these games are often randomly generated which means that players cannot memorize or anticipate what lies ahead, forcing them to adapt quickly.

One unique aspect of roguelike shooters is the concept of permadeath. If the player character dies at any point during their playthrough, they lose everything they have collected up until that point, including weapons and powerups.

Pro Tip: For success in a roguelike shooter game, it’s important to utilize each weapon effectively by learning its properties and weaknesses. Experimentation is also key as different playstyles may work better for different players based on their preferences and strengths.

Dead Hook is a roguelike shooter game that combines the excitement of survival with the satisfaction of taking down enemies – perfect for those who like their action with a side of adrenaline and danger.

Publisher: JoyWay Ltd

JoyWay Ltd is a prominent publisher in the gaming industry. Their upcoming game ‘Dead Hook’ is a roguelike shooter set to release on 29 June 2023. With an emphasis on tight gameplay mechanics, procedurally generated levels, and challenging difficulty, ‘Dead Hook’ promises to be a thrilling experience for players.

JoyWay Ltd has gained notoriety through their successful titles such as their ‘Strider VR’. They pride themselves on providing immersive and innovative gameplay experiences for their audience.

Additionally, they are known for their ability to stay ahead of the curve in terms of game development. Recently JoyWay has started expanding its portfolio by adopting new technologies like virtual reality games, making them one of the most exciting and anticipated publishers in the market today.

Interestingly, JoyWay’s CEO once revealed that he accidentally stumbled into game development when he created his first game as part of his university project. He explained that his love for interactive media inspired him to pursue this passion full-time and formed JoyWay shortly after.

Mark your calendars and get ready to hook some undead, Dead Hook is coming on June 29, 2023!

Games Coming to Oculus Quest 2
Games Coming to Oculus Quest 2

Expected release date: 29 June 2023

A new roguelike shooter game, Dead Hook, is expected to be released on 29 June 2023 by JoyWay Ltd. This highly anticipated game promises intense gameplay and exciting combat mechanics. Fans are eagerly waiting for this release.

The game is developed for players who enjoy the elements of surprise and a good fight against unpredictable enemies. The unique story and design offer a rogue-like experience with lots of non-linear levels and innovative gameplay.

Dead Hook has already created a buzz among game enthusiasts via its teasers that showcase some of the epic gunfights, boss fights, and challenging scenarios. With its striking visuals, well-developed characters, and soundtrack, the game will offer an immersive experience to players.

Players can also expect the addition of various power-ups in this adventure-combat hybrid gameplay style. The combination of classic elements with exclusive features results in a gaming experience that players won’t forget anytime soon.

For those who want an intense yet thrilling experience in a single-player environment where each playthrough feels different than others, Dead Hook is undoubtedly a must-try option! Brace yourself for intense combat as Hellsweeper VR takes you on a never-ending, roguelike journey through demon-infested dungeons.

Hellsweeper VR

As a gamer, I always love discovering new games to play and it’s exciting to hear about the games coming to Oculus Quest 2. Among them is Hellsweeper VR, a Roguelike first-person combat game from Vertigo Games. I can’t wait to dive into this immersive game and experience the thrill of the combat system and intense boss battles. Although the expected release date is not until Q2 2023, knowing that it’s coming to Oculus Quest 2 gives me something exciting to look forward to.

It’s clear that Vertigo Games knows how to create an immersive VR experience, and I’m excited to see what they have in store for us in Hellsweeper VR.

Game type: Roguelike first-person combat game

Roguelike first-person combat games combine elements of roguelike and first-person combat genres to create a unique gameplay experience. Players navigate through randomly generated levels, contending with tough enemies through fast-paced combat. Permanent death is a common feature, providing an extra layer of challenge and tension. Some roguelike first-person combat games also feature procedural storytelling elements that offer players unique experiences with each playthrough.

Combat in this subgenre often emphasizes timing, strategy, and precise aim, as many battles can be quite difficult. It’s not uncommon for players to have to rely on both ranged and melee attacks during encounters. Other popular features include deep character customization systems that allow players to tailor their characters’ strengths and abilities to fit their unique playstyle.

One example of a roguelike first-person combat game is Hellsweeper VR by Vertigo Games. It offers players the chance to take on fierce demons across multiple levels while collecting loot and new abilities along the way. With permanent death making each run its own unique challenge, it’s a thrilling experience for fans of both genres.

For those who enjoy this subgenre, other similar games worth checking out include Baroque, Eldritch, and Ziggurat. By combining strategic thinking with white-knuckle action, these games provide endless replayability while keeping things fresh each time you enter their procedurally-generated worlds.

Vertigo Games is on fire with their upcoming releases, Hellsweeper VR and Arizona Sunshine, proving that even in a zombie apocalypse, you can still have a great time in virtual reality.

Publisher: VertigoGames

VertigoGames, the renowned publisher of VR games, is all set to launch their latest title Hellsweeper VR, a thrilling first-person combat game. The game features a roguelike gameplay and is expected to hit the market in Q2 2023. Additionally, Arizona Sunshine – a zombie shooter game by VertigoGames already has its fanbase waiting for its release with bated breath. The expected release date remains unknown.

Their games are known for their immersive experiences and high-quality graphics which makes them extremely popular among gamers. VertigoGames takes pride in their commitment to realism and detail in each game they publish. Their upcoming titles are sure to be no exception as enthusiasts eagerly anticipate their release.

Get ready to face the fiery depths of Hell in Hellsweeper VR, coming to virtual reality headsets in Q2 2023!

Expected release date: Q2 2023

Several VR games are expected to be launched in the coming year, with an expected release date of Q2 2023. These games range from action-adventure to simulation, including titles like Dead Hook, Hellsweeper VR, and PowerWash Simulator VR. Additionally, popular game franchises such as Assassin’s Creed also plan to release virtual reality versions for players. It seems that virtual reality technology is becoming increasingly accessible and there is much anticipation for what these new titles will bring. According to data from the Reference Data section, JoyWay Ltd will publish Dead Hook on 29 June 2023.

Experience the horror of the Upside Down in Tender Claws’ Stranger Things VR, because facing Demogorgons in real life just isn’t scary enough.

Stranger Things VR

As I was scrolling through the list of games coming to Oculus Quest 2, one title caught my eye – Stranger Things VR. I’m a huge fan of the hit sci-fi series and the thought of immersing myself in the eerie world of Hawkins, Indiana is too exciting to pass up.

From what I’ve gathered, the game will be a horror action adventure, published by Tender Claws, and is set to be released in autumn 2023. I can’t wait to see what kind of virtual reality experience they’ve created and how they’ve incorporated elements from the show.

Game type: Horror action adventure

This game type: horror action adventure is a spine-chilling genre that keeps the player on edge throughout each level. It allows players to immerse themselves in the gameplay while experiencing the intense mixture of dread, anticipation, and fear. The player navigates through levels filled with paranormal activity; trying to evade danger and uncover hidden clues. Every encounter brings with it a blend of challenging gameplay and atmospheric horror.

This game type: horror action adventure combines high-octane combat skills, fast reflexes, puzzle-solving abilities, and a supernatural storyline that will leave the player engrossed.

The various elements present in this game type: horror action-adventure include story-driven gameplay, environmental mechanics, combat skills, stealth tactics, exploration, and collecting clues all carefully crafted to keep players engaged and on their toes. The games are often designed in dark tones with immersive audiovisuals to add to the eerie atmosphere.

For an adventurous experience in this game type: horror action adventure games suggestion would be Tender Claws’ Stranger Things VR or VertigoGames’ Hellsweeper VR as these games offer an exciting plot combined with thrilling game mechanics that keep players invested.

Get ready to be scared out of your headset with Tender Claws’ Stranger Things VR game.

Publisher: Tender Claws

Tender Claws, a renowned publisher in the gaming industry, is anticipated to release an upcoming horror action-adventure game titled ‘Stranger Things VR’ which is set to be available for players during Autumn 2023. The game provides users with vivid and lifelike experiences that create a sense of immersion within the game’s world.

Tender Claws has developed a reputation over the years for high-quality gaming content and remarkable user engagement, making them a top choice among gamers worldwide. In summary, Tender Claws, an esteemed publisher in the industry with a well-known reputation for high-quality games, is expected to release their new horror action-adventure game ‘Stranger Things VR’ during Autumn 2023. This will provide gamers with an immersive experience that creates an unforgettable journey throughout the gameplay.

Get ready to face your fears and enter the upside-down world of Stranger Things, coming to haunt your VR headset in Autumn 2023.

Expected release date: Autumn 2023

The highly anticipated horror action adventure game Stranger Things VR, developed by Tender Claws and published by an undisclosed company, is set for release in autumn 2023. This immersive virtual reality game is expected to offer a thrilling experience to players who enjoy the world of the Upside Down.

Fans of the TV show can finally experience the terror of Hawkins, Indiana up close and personal with accurate graphic depictions of their favourite characters and creatures. With dynamic first-person gameplay mechanics, players will be able to explore Hawkins and interact with familiar locations, as well as discover new areas that have never been seen before.

Stranger Things VR is designed to delight both fans of virtual reality games and those who enjoy horror action games alike. Players will be forced to use strategy and quick reflexes while facing off against ghastly monsters from the Upside Down.

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure like no other when Stranger Things VR releases in autumn 2023.

Zombie apocalypse? Just grab your VR headset and Arizona Sunshine, because guns will always be more effective than toilet paper!

Arizona Sunshine

As a fan of FPS games, I can’t wait to see what games are coming to the Oculus Quest 2. One announcement that caught my eye was the release of Arizona Sunshine. This zombie shooter game, created by Vertigo Games, promises to be a thrilling addition to the Oculus Quest 2 library. While we’re still waiting for an official release date, the anticipation for this game is already high. I’m eager to see how the game’s virtual reality experience will enhance the already gripping zombie shooter gameplay.

Game type: Zombie shooter

This game falls under the category of a shooter game that involves zombies as the primary enemy. The player takes on the role of a protagonist who shoots or uses different weapons to kill the zombies while surviving in post-apocalyptic scenarios.

  • Players shoot or use various methods to kill attacking zombies in the game
  • The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangers
  • Gameplay requires players to survive while fighting off hordes of zombies

Arizona Sunshine by Vertigo Games is a notable example of this genre. It features not only survival but also cooperative gameplay where players can join forces against the endless horde.

In this gaming genre, sound design plays an essential part in creating tension and increasing immersion. Foes often sneer and roar, escalating tension and excitement levels within every moment.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the fear-inducing sensation that comes with zombie shooters like Arizona Sunshine; release dates are yet to be announced.

Vertigo Games is bringing the heat with Hellsweeper VR, a roguelike first-person combat game that promises to make you sweat.

Publisher: Vertigo Games

Vertigo Games, a prominent publisher within the gaming industry, is set to release two highly anticipated games – Hellsweeper VR and Arizona Sunshine. Hellsweeper VR is a roguelike first-person combat game, while Arizona Sunshine belongs to the zombie shooter genre. This company has been known for their innovative approach to virtual reality gaming, with some of their previous releases receiving critical acclaim.

Their attention to detail is remarkable, with great care put into developing immersive environments that players will find engaging and believable. This approach makes it easy for gamers to become engrossed in the game world and lose track of time. It is no surprise that Vertigo Games has gained a reputation as one of the best developers in this field.

One unique aspect of Vertigo Games’ offerings is their focus on roguelike gameplay mechanics, which offer high replayability through procedural generation of levels and enemies. This makes each playthrough unpredictable and different from the last, adding significant value for gamers looking to spend hours exploring new game worlds.

According to the Reference Data, Vertigo Games has collaborated on at least one other project – Dead Hook – which was published by JoyWay Ltd. despite not being a direct product from this company. Nonetheless, given its reputation for quality products in the past, any collaboration with Vertigo Games ought to be seen as a positive development in an industry where niche publishers are crucial drivers of innovation and excellence.

Are these games really coming out or am I stuck in a VR waiting room with an endless supply of stale popcorn?

Expected release date: TBA

The release dates for several upcoming VR games, including Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord, Arizona Sunshine, PowerWash Simulator VR, Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR, Bulletstorm and GTA San Andreas VR are yet to be announced. The publishers have not given a specific timeframe for these releases but have confirmed that they will be launched soon.

As of now, the expected release date for these games is still TBA. Although there is no official announcement about the launch dates, fans can expect them to arrive in the market soon. The developers are working hard to bring these virtual reality games to life and offer gamers an immersive experience.

While some may find it frustrating to wait for release dates to be announced officially, it’s important to understand that game development takes time and cannot always follow strict schedules. Fans can subscribe to publisher channels or check their social media pages regularly for any updates on when these games will be released.

Waiting patiently for new releases can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it gives players more time to prepare and save up cash in anticipation of their arrival. It also allows developers more time to perfect each game before official release announcements.

To stay up-to-date on all the latest news about expected release dates for upcoming VR games like Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord and others listed above with TBA statuses, fans can follow their favorite publishers’ social media accounts or join gaming forums dedicated specifically to virtual reality gaming.

I Expect You to Die 3 – because dying in virtual reality is just more fun than in real life.

I expect you to die 3

As a fan of the popular Oculus Quest 2, I am ecstatic to hear about the upcoming release of “I Expect You To Die 3” on the platform. This puzzle adventure game has been making waves since the release of its first installment in 2016. The third installment, published by Schell Games, promises to take players on even more thrilling spy missions filled with challenging puzzles. While the exact release date is still unknown, gamers are eagerly anticipating the expected summer 2023 launch. Get ready to put your mind to the test with this exciting addition to the Oculus Quest 2 gaming library.

Game type: Puzzle adventure

Text: Puzzle Adventure Game: I expect you to die 3

  • Intriguing game genre, Puzzle adventure games challenge a player’s intellect with thought-provoking puzzles.
  • Schell Games is publishing “I expect you to die 3,” a puzzle adventure game set for release in Summer 2023.
  • Players engage their minds while attempting to solve complex puzzles.
  • This game type encourages analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • The narrative of the story develops through each level, keeping the players immersed until completion.
  • Expect immersive environments, intricate mechanisms, and a unique approach to storytelling.

I expect you to die 3 leaves a lasting impression on players who enjoy Puzzle Adventure games. Its thought-provoking mechanics test their intellect while immersing them in exceptional surroundings. Every level offers a storyline that can keep the player engaged until the end.
Schell Games proves they still have a knack for deadly puzzles with their upcoming release of I expect you to die 3.

Publisher: Schell Games

Schell Games is a renowned game development company known for their contribution to the gaming industry. As a leading “Publisher,” Schell Games has established themselves as pioneers in virtual reality technology and game design by creating innovative and immersive games. They specialize in “puzzle adventure” and have developed several successful games such as “I Expect You to Die 3.” Their meticulous attention to detail and quality assurance set them apart from the competition.

Schell Games’ “publisher” experience sets them apart with their in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry. Their focus on quality assurance provides players with an opportunity to engage in high-caliber experiences. Through partnerships with Oculus Quest, developers like Schell Games are shaping the future of entertainment. Partnerships like this allow publishers such as Schell Games to provide gamers with exceptional experiences they wouldn’t otherwise be able to find elsewhere.

As Schell Games continues to push boundaries in puzzle adventures, it is imperative to remember that there are always new challenges ahead for Game Developers and Publishers alike. It is an exciting time in the world of virtual reality and gaming, with seemingly limitless possibilities. The industry should look forward to exploring this digital frontier alongside highly skilled publishers like Schell Games.

If you’re looking for your next digital adventure, Schell Games should definitely be on your radar when it comes to VR puzzle adventures – don’t miss out!

Get ready to die (in the game, of course) as a spy in I Expect You to Die 3, coming to your VR headset this summer.

Expected release date: Summer 2023

Several games are expected to be released in the summer of 2023. These include ‘I Expect You To Die 3’, a puzzle adventure game developed by Schell Games, and ‘Dead Hook’, a roguelike shooter published by JoyWay Ltd. Additionally, there is the action/shooter game ‘Bulletstorm’ by People Can Fly, which also has an expected release date of summer 2023.

Moreover, gamers can anticipate other exciting games from various publishers like Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR adventure and Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord action-adventure game published by nDreams. These games are much-awaited titles that will offer unparalleled gaming experiences in the summer of 2023.

Furthermore, Arizona Sunshine, a Vertigo Games Zombie shooter that offers players immersive and blood-thirsty escapades is set to grace the market in summer 2023. The developers have hinted at new game features like upgraded zombie models and smoother gameplay experience when it releases.

To sum up, gamers should prepare for an ultimate gaming experience as several highly anticipated games such as I Expect You To Die 3, Dead Hook and Bulletstorm among others are expected to take over the world of gaming come summer of 2023.

Get your virtual cleaning supplies ready, because PowerWash Simulator VR is coming to make you feel like the ultimate tidy freak.

PowerWash Simulator VR

As a VR enthusiast eagerly awaiting the new games coming to Oculus Quest 2, PowerWash Simulator VR has caught my eye. This exciting new addition falls into the simulation game genre and is being published by FuturLab. While the expected release date for the game has yet to be announced, I can’t help but be intrigued by the idea of simulating the power washing experience in a virtual reality setting. Join me as we explore the potential of PowerWash Simulator VR and what we can expect from this upcoming release.

Game type: Simulation

Simulated virtual environments provide a unique experience for gamers, and game type: simulation captures this immersive experience. PowerWash Simulator VR, published by FuturLab, is a recently announced addition to the Oculus Quest 2 library. Players get to deep-clean various surfaces using pressure washers and experience lifelike responsiveness during their assigned tasks.

Other simulation games include truck simulators such as Euro Truck Simulator and Train Sim World, which put gamers in the driver’s seat of vehicles performing transport functions. However, PowerWash Simulator VR provides an interactive way to clean virtually – a new take on a rather mundane task.

Simulations may also take on other forms such as cooking simulations or flight simulators. Many people find simulations to be calming and therapeutic while providing mental stimulation in puzzle solving situations. New releases in this genre open up even more possibilities for players who enjoy immersing themselves in recreating real-life scenarios virtually.

For players looking to unwind after a long day at work or utilizing gaming to exercise their minds differently, game type: simulation offers many diverse options with unique experiences waiting around every corner.

Get ready to clean up the virtual world, one dirty surface at a time with PowerWash Simulator VR from FuturLab.

Publisher: FuturLab

FuturLab is a prominent publisher focused on VR games that offer an engaging and immersive experience. One of their upcoming releases, PowerWash Simulator VR, is a unique simulation game that allows players to clean various objects realistically. Although the release date is yet to be announced, FuturLab’s focus on innovative gameplay mechanics will likely make this title worth checking out for fans of the genre.

In addition to PowerWash Simulator VR, FuturLab has also published other exciting titles in the past, including Tiny Trax and Velocity 2X. The former features fast-paced racing action with toy cars while the latter puts players in control of a spacecraft navigating challenging environments. Both games showcase FuturLab’s commitment to creating unique experiences that stand out from the crowd.

FuturLab continues to push boundaries with their upcoming releases and their focus on engaging gameplay mechanics combined with exceptional visuals could make them a significant player in the VR gaming industry. VR enthusiasts ought not to miss out on any titles by publisher: futurlab as they all incorporate innovation and uniqueness that set them apart from other games currently available in the market.

Looks like we’ll be waiting for these games longer than we waited for Half-Life 3.

Expected release date: TBA

Several highly-anticipated VR games have been announced, but their release dates are yet to be confirmed by the publishers. The expected release date for these games is still unknown, but fans can keep an eye out for announcements from:

  • nDreams for ‘Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord’;
  • JoyWay Ltd for ‘Dead Hook’;
  • VertigoGames for ‘Hellsweeper VR’;
  • Tender Claws for ‘Stranger Things VR’.

Similarly, Vertigo Games has provided no specific launch date for ‘Arizona Sunshine’, Schell Games for ‘I expect you to die 3’, FutureLab for ‘PowerWash Simulator VR’ and Ubisoft for ‘Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR’. Finally, People Can Fly’s action shooter game, Bulletstorm will also be coming soon.

Pro Tip: Stay tuned on the publishers’ official websites and social media channels to get updates on the expected release date of these exciting upcoming VR games.

Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR – finally, you can parkour through history without ever leaving your living room.

Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR

As a VR enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest games to come to my Oculus Quest 2.

One of the most exciting upcoming releases that caught my attention is Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR. This adventure game promises to immerse players in the thrilling world of Assassin’s Creed like never before. While details surrounding the release date remain hazy, this game is sure to be worth the wait. With Ubisoft’s proven track record of delivering high-quality VR games, I can’t wait to see what kind of adventure awaits players in the virtual world of Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR.

Game type: Adventure

Adventure games are known for their immersive gameplay and storytelling. These games allow players to explore their surroundings, solve puzzles, and make choices that affect the game’s outcome. They offer a thrilling experience for players who enjoy taking on challenges in unknown worlds.

Many adventure games employ 3D environments that provide an immersive experience for players. Some of these games may be puzzle-based, while others focus on combat or exploration. The variety of gameplay elements available keeps things fresh and engaging.

Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR is one such game that combines adventure with historical fiction elements. Set in various periods of history, it lets players navigate the environment and complete objectives while learning about different cultures and timelines.

Overall, adventure games are an excellent option for gamers wanting a rich storyline with exciting gameplay elements. With advancements in VR technology, we can only expect more immersive experiences to come. (Source: Reference Data)

Get ready to parkour your way through history as Assassin’s Creed goes virtual reality, giving players a whole new meaning to ‘leap of faith’


Publisher: Ubisoft

Ubisoft is one of the notable publishers in the gaming industry. They are known for publishing high-quality adventure games across all platforms, including VR. Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR is one such game that Ubisoft has in its pipeline. The game falls under the Adventure genre, and not much details have been released except that it will be a virtual reality experience.

Ubisoft has a proven track record of successful franchises such as Far Cry and Watch Dogs, so it is interesting to see how they transition these games into VR.

Ubisoft has always focused on creating immersive open-world experiences with their games, and their entry into VR might bring new possibilities for gamers. Assassin’s Creed being one of their most popular franchises that has spanned over a decade now, it makes sense for them to explore the world of VR with it. Providing an immersive environment where players can experience ancient worlds in a completely different manner may set new benchmarks for future games in its category.

If you’re a fan of open-world games or have been eagerly waiting to try out an action-packed adventure game in virtual reality, then Ubisoft’s upcoming game – Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR – could be worth keeping an eye out for when it gets released.

Looks like we’ll have to use our psychic powers to predict the release dates of these TBA games.

Expected release date: TBA

The upcoming games listed have no specific release date yet, but these highly anticipated titles are expected to launch anytime soon. nDreams’ Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord, JoyWay Ltd’s Dead Hook, VertigoGames’ Hellsweeper VR and Tender Claws’ Stranger Things VR are just some of the games that have fans on edge waiting for their debut. Other titles like Arizona Sunshine, I expect you to die 3, PowerWash Simulator VR, Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR and Bulletstorm are also in development with no confirmed release dates.

Keep an eye out for any updates as these much-awaited games will surely be worth the wait.

Don’t miss out on these exciting titles that are expected to be released but haven’t been confirmed yet. Stay informed about developments on these games so that you can enjoy playing them as soon as they’re available. Check back often to stay up-to-date so that you don’t miss out on playing some of the most highly-anticipated video games coming your way soon!

Bulletstorm is like therapy for those times you just need to blow off some steam and shoot some stuff.


I’m excited to explore one of the latest games coming to the Oculus Quest 2Bulletstorm. This game fits right into my favorite game type, an action-packed shooter, and adds another layer of excitement to the VR experience.

People Can Fly, the publisher of the game, has created several popular games, including the Gears of War series. With such an established track record, we can expect nothing but quality content from this upcoming game. Although the expected release date for Bulletstorm is yet to be announced, the hype surrounding this release is undeniable.

Game type: Action/shooter

Action/shooter games combine elements of both first-person shooter and action genres to create fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled gameplay. These games require quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and sharp aim to defeat enemies and obstacles.

Examples of action/shooter games include Bulletstorm by People Can Fly and Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR by Ubisoft. These games feature intense combat sequences, innovative weapons, and challenging levels that test the player’s skills.

One unique aspect of action/shooter games is their focus on high-octane combat. Unlike other genres that may prioritize exploration or puzzle-solving, these games center on using weapons to take down waves of enemies quickly and efficiently.

To enhance gameplay in action/shooter games, players can experiment with different weapons and strategies to find what works best for them. They can also explore various environments to discover hidden areas or power-ups that grant additional abilities.

Overall, fans of the action/shooter genre will enjoy the intense gameplay, thrilling combat sequences, and strategic challenges presented in these types of games. With new releases like Bulletstorm on the horizon, there has never been a better time to dive into this exciting world of gaming.

Bulletstorm: When you absolutely, positively need to kill every last enemy in the room, accept no substitutes.

Publisher: People Can Fly

People Can Fly is a well-known game publisher in the industry. They are responsible for developing and publishing popular games like Bulletstorm. The company focuses on creating high-quality action and shooter games with immersive gameplay mechanics that keep players engaged.

As a game developer, People Can Fly aims to push boundaries with their innovative and fresh approach to gaming. They are known for their highly polished games that feature detailed graphics and exceptional storytelling elements. The company has continued to grow over the years, becoming a prominent player within the gaming industry.

One unique aspect of People Can Fly’s development process is their emphasis on incorporating community feedback into their games. This has led to them being able to create products that resonate with fans while setting new standards within the industry.

For those who enjoy fast-paced action and thrilling gameplay, People Can Fly’s upcoming game will provide everything you’re looking for in an experience. To get the most out of your gaming experience, we recommend immersing yourself fully in each level and embracing the intensity of every moment. With People Can Fly’s track record of creating engaging games, this next release is sure to be no exception.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and VR-see for these releases with expected release dates still in TBA limbo.

Expected release date: TBA

Several games are expected to release their products soon, and the dates for these releases are still uncertain. Although no specific dates have been provided, major game publishers such as nDreams, Ubisoft and Tender Claws have announced that their products would be launched in the future, with an expected release date: tba. These games encompass various genres such as horror action-adventure, puzzle adventure, roguelike shooter/first-person combat game and simulation.

Vertigo Games plans to release Hellsweeper VR sometime in Q2 2023, while FuturLab has a similar plan but has not released their PowerWash Simulator VR’s launch dates yet. Other game developers such as JoyWay Ltd., Schell Games and People Can Fly also join the league of publishers that keep fans on edge with anticipated game releases.

The virtual reality world is set to get interesting with the forthcoming power-packed action packages from Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas VR to Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine VR title all having anticipated release date: tba.

It is believed that publishers withhold official launch dates until they are more confident in the firm grounds of production activities and media releases of the same upcoming product by other competitive players in the industry so they can evaluate demand in terms of marketing strategy.

Finally, the chance to wreak havoc in San Andreas with a whole new level of immersive destruction… and without any real-life consequences.

GTA San Andreas VR

As an avid gamer, I am incredibly excited about the latest addition to the Oculus Quest 2 gaming library: the highly-anticipated GTA San Andreas in virtual reality. This iconic game is set to become even more immersive and life-like, bringing the gritty world of San Andreas to a new level of realism. Publisher Rockstar Games is at the helm of this exciting release, and fans are eagerly awaiting news of the expected release date, which is yet to be announced. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about this thrilling addition to the Oculus Quest 2 lineup.

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games, the publisher of several highly successful video games, is expected to release a new title for Oculus Quest 2. Although the anticipated game, GTA San Andreas VR, does not have a definite release date yet, many fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Based on previous releases by Rockstar Games, such as Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V, it is safe to assume that GTA San Andreas VR will be of high quality and feature immersive gameplay. As this popular game franchise has existed since its first release in 1997, it has understandably garnered a large following with a passionate fanbase.

It is recommended for gamers who enjoy open-world sandbox-style games to keep an eye out for GTA San Andreas VR’s release. Additionally, staying informed by regularly checking for updates on Rockstar Games’ social media accounts or through reputable online publications can help ensure being one of the first to know about the game’s release date.

Expected release date: TBA

Several VR games including Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord, PowerWash Simulator VR, Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR, and GTA San Andreas VR are yet to announce their release dates. The publishers of these games have not provided any information about the expected release date: tba.

These anticipated games by nDreams, FuturLab, Ubisoft, and Rockstar Games are still in development. The expected release date: tba hints that gamers must wait for a while to enjoy these upcoming games. Fans remain eager for further announcements by the game developers on their plans for the anticipated titles.

It is noteworthy that these teased games will be coming to Oculus Quest 2 platform for Virtual Reality gaming enthusiasts who own this device.

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Five Facts About Games Coming to Oculus Quest 2:

  • ✅ The upcoming game Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord features co-op gameplay and allows players to continue the Ghostbusters’ legacy. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Dead Hook is a roguelike shooter that allows players to customize the way they play and features intense action with blood and gore. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Hellsweeper VR offers intense combat in a roguelike first-person game with wall-running and power-sliding mechanics. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Stranger Things VR lets players experience the Stranger Things universe from a new perspective and play as Vecna who is seeking revenge against Eleven and Hawkins. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Arizona Sunshine is returning with the same dark humor, gruesome gore, and zombie-shooting gameplay that made the original a fan favorite. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Games Coming To Oculus Quest 2

What are some upcoming games for Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro VR headsets?

There are numerous VR experiences coming in the next few months such as Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord, Dead Hook, Hellsweeper VR, Stranger Things VR, Arizona Sunshine, I expect you to die 3, PowerWash Simulator VR, Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR, Bulletstorm, and GTA San Andreas.

Where can I find these games?

You can see the official site or find them on the Quest store or Meta store.

What types of games are available for Oculus Quest 2?

There are a variety of games available including action, adventure, puzzle, horror, racing, sports, shooting, and virtual reality games.

What are the best upcoming games for Oculus Quest 2?

Some of the best upcoming games for Oculus Quest 2 include Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord, Dead Hook, Hellsweeper VR, Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR, and Bulletstorm.

Are there any free games available for Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, there are some free games available such as Rec Room, Beat Saber Demo, and VRChat.

Are there any multiplayer games available for Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, there are several multiplayer games available including Rec Room, Population: One, and Echo VR.

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